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We know it can be frustrating when you fall in love with a piece and it just doesn't fit the space you have in mind. At The Frame Shop we can make the art you want in the size you want, while staying true to the original proportions of the artwork.

Provide us with either a width or the height (in inches) and our system will calculate the opposite dimension. Now your art can not only fit your style, but your space as well. 

Artaissance is an online art reproduction gallery that allows you to custom size your artwork to fit your home decor needs. Over 3,300 images are available on paper and canvas.
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Whether you are choosing one special piece or looking to transform your entire living space, Artaissance will help you write your story- the story of what you love and who you are.
Our collection spans the art scene, from traditional landscapes to hip, contemporary abstracts.  We continually update our portfolio to keep it fresh and exciting, and we look for artists who offer a unique voice in the art world.  With thousands or images to choose from, we believe you will find several that speak to you.
With Artaissance, you also have the option to choose canvas or paper to give your selection just the right look.  We also understand the importance of having your art in the size you need to fit your unique space.  We are here to make sure that whether you choose large or small, your art is presented in away that will inspire you.

    If you would like further explanation or have a specific question about sizing, please contact
The Frame Shop.

 Art in stock from Local Artists:

 Avenue of the Arts by Charles Cushing

Boathouse Row Spring Scullers by William Ressler
 Boathouse Row III by Jamie Cavalier  
                   Independence Hall by Betty Lesher

Sleigh Ride by William Dawson 
            Valley Green by Keith Mountford
 Valley Green by Richard Greenleaf      

Waterworks by Nicholas P. Santoleri

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