At The Frame Shop, we offer extensive digital services including image capture, repair, restoration, artistic effects, and reproduction. We start the process by taking a high-quality digital scan of your image. Our scans are captured on a large format professional-grade flatbed scanner which provides extraordinary image quality. The large format gives us the ability to scan items up to 24″x30″, images mounted onto board, 3-D objects, or items that do not lay perfectly flat. We can also scan reflective surfaces such as negatives, slides, or photographs that are stuck to glass. Your image will not be damaged by our scanning process – in fact by using this process, an image is preserved so that it may be reprinted later if the original is lost or destroyed. Once an image is captured, a multitude of artistic effects can be achieved. For example, the background of a snapshot can be manipulated, B&W photos can be colorized, and photographic images can be printed onto canvas! Photos can be creatively changed to look like a watercolor, pastel, or oil painting. We can also transform your image to Pop Art, restore a damaged photograph, make a high-quality duplicate of a favorite antique, or simply put the image onto a CD for you.

Large Format Digital Ink-Jet Printing:  How It Works

We make fine art prints, custom posters, photo enlargements, and business presentations from your digital files

Here’s How it Works

1. Bring us your high-resolution digital image on your camera, flash drive, CD, or DVD.

2. We can also scan your flat art. Choose your print size (We’ll tell you how large your file will successfully enlarge based upon its size) 

3. Choose your paper: EPSON® Enhanced Matt, EPSON® Premium Luster, 100% Cotton Rag, or EPSON® Premium Canvas. 

4. We will size your images, make minor adjustments as necessary, and have them ready for framing in 1-5 days.